Android and iPhone are similar in a number of ways such that deciding Data Recovery In Tampa between the two platforms is quite a challenge. However, fundamental differences still exist between Android and IOS. This is more so when it comes to your personal information.

If you are concerned about who sells more info to Google then this article will enlighten you because we look at Android vs. iPhone : Who Sells More Info to Google? Apple always insists that its platform offers more user privacy advantages compared to Android. Less of your personal Facebook is sent to the cloud since most of the data is stored on your device.

Besides, according to Apple’s privacy policy, they aggregate and make anonymous most of the data that is sent to its cloud servers. 

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Google on the other hand, will collect as much information about its users. Its privacy policy is very telling on these. But Google states that it uses all that information in a responsible way; to bring relevant services to you. In nutshell therefore, Google admits to collecting more information from its Android users than Apple from its iPhone users. Google profiles users to a more extent than Apple. Your only recourse of course is trusting that the companies will not infringe on their own privacy policies.

Moreover, compatibility is a big plus for Android unlike iPhone. Since you can more readily switch from Android to IOS, a lot of your Data Recovery can easily be shared out in the process. However, IOS switch to Android is quite a task and we can infer this to mean that a lot of your personal Data Recovery In Tampa is more secure with Apple that with Google. 

Another area of concern is user security which also works to Apple’s advantage. Android is more prone to malware attacks than IOS and the security updates for IOS are more frequent than for Android. An iPhone is therefore not as vulnerable as an Android to hacking attempts. Again, this is related to what apps can and cannot do with your device. 

Android apps can mine more information from your phone compared to IOS apps. In fact, Google recently admitted that it can collect your location information even if you turn off location settings. This is a big intrusion on personal privacy. Some Android apps also can track which apps you are using. This also shows how deep the crawlers can get into your device. From the foregoing discussion, it is quite clear that Android sells more information to Google than iPhone.