Apart from damage to components, user may lose Data Recovery due to accidental deletion, formatting or inaccessibility of files.

When there is no physical damage but the data is lost due to deletion, formatting, or simple inaccessibility, recovery of a file deleted by mistake or following an error is possible. Recovery in these cases is possible through the use of specialized software and it is not necessary to intervene on the components of the hard disk, except in the case of physical damage.

Use Free Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for Windows :

As far as free hard drive data recovery software is concerned, we can mention Recuva , developed by the creator of the famous CC Cleaner. 

It is a completely free and specific application for Windows operating systems that allows you to recover photos, documents, videos and many other types of files accidentally deleted or lost due to crashes, crashes, viruses and other problems that have occurred on your computer.

Once the download is complete, open the obtained .exe file and, in the window that you see appear on the desktop, select French in the drop-down menu for the choice of language at the top right, uncheck the box at the bottom of the installation of Linkedin other non-essential programs (e.g. Chrome). Click Install then Run Recuva, to complete the installation process and then start Recuva.