It’s devastating to lose your valuable Data Recovery to a virus, a software bug, computer malfunction, unintentionally hit the delete button, or just formatted the wrong drive. Fortunately, today that irreplaceable file or folder that you think it’s gone forever you can still recover it regardless of the storage medium with these listed 7 data recovery tools for every disaster. 

1. Photo Rec File Data Recovery Tool

Photo Rec is compatible with Linux, Windows Vista/ 7/2008/ 10, 200, XP, Windows 9x, Mac OS, NetBSD and open BSD. The software can recover all your lost files from exFAT, NTFS, FAT, ext2, ext3 and ext file systems. The way the software is designed it can retrieve your videos, documents, photos and other graphical file formats from any type of storage medium. General Public License (GNU) the company that made Photo Rec claims that the software can recover more than 300 file formats. 

2. Test Disk :

Test Disk is one of the free Data Recovery software’s you will get in the market that is effective. It’s a product of the General Public License ( GNU)and can help you retrieve all your lost data from partitions such as FAT, exFAT, NTFS, correct those non-booting disks to become bookable again repair your MFT and FAT tables and copy files from deleted portions’.

It’s compatible with Linux, Windows 200, XP, 10, 7, 2008, OpenBSD, and NetBSD. The software will do marvelous work, and you will get all your data back after the process. 

Data Recovery

3. Recuva :

This windows designed software will retrieve all your deleted files as quick as possible, and it’s easy to use. Regardless of the mode which you lost your files whether corruption of data, computer crash or formatting of . Your storage device, the software has an advanced deep scan feature that recovers all your files.

In addition to recovery of data, the software can as well delete and overwrite those files that you wish no one can ever see them using any software to recover them since it has a military standard deletion feature to erase your files forever. You can recover music, videos, documents, emails, photos, and other types of files with it 

4. Data Recovery Restoration :

This software is designed to be operated in windows and can recover all your files ranging from videos, mp3, documents and other file formats. You can recover data from USBs, memory cards, external hard disks, flash drives and personal computer hard drives as well. The best thing about the software is you do not need to install it on your PC since you can run from a USB drive. Works well in Windows 10, 7, 2000, XP, Vista, 98 and 95. 

5. Undelete 360 :

When you encounter problems with your PC, floppy drives, USB flash drives, memory cards and pen drives such as Linkedin corruption, PC crash, software bug and malware infection that leads to loss and corruption of data turn to Undelete 360. This software will recover all your deleted files regardless of which storage medium they were in initially, even smartphones included. This software will help you in folder recovery as well as file recovery. 

6. Wise Data Recovery :

Wise data recovery software will retrieve your lost and deleted videos, music, documents, pictures and other types of files from any storage medium at no cost.

Unlike other tools that take hours to scan for the lost files this software its superfast than all others saving you a lot of time and in addition it measures the possibility of recovering your lost files as well. It has also a portable vision and it’s compatible with all Windows operating systems.  

7. Pandora Recovery

This software is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 3003, and Vista. You will be able to recover all your lost files in NTFS and FAT using Pandora recovery software. When recovering your files this software can do much.

More than just recover your regular files. It will recover compressed files, videos, mp3, system files, hidden files and also all encrypted files on your PC. The best thing about Pandora is just before recovery process begins you can be able to preview the lost files that are about to be recovered. Hence you ca choose which files you want to be recovered and which ones you don’t want.