Selling your computer to another individual or company is not always a simple task. Even when the buyer is ready to pay the Data Recovery in Miami cost that you are asking for, this will not be the end of what needs to be done before you can transfer that computer to the hands of someone else.

Usually, the sell of the computer involves more than just placing it in the box to receive your payment since it also consists of removing data on the computer that you do not want anyone else to see or have access to in the future. 

With that being said, one of the first things that you may want to do after you have secured a buyer is to begin removing the information from the computer that you presently house. In order to make sure the information is completely removed and wiped from your hard drive for sell, you should perform one of the following instructions. 

Data Recovery in Miami

1. Before packing the PC up in a box to ship or for pick up, you need to re-install the version of Windows that you are presently using. For instance, if you are running Windows 7, you can do a clean installation in order to remove your old Data Recovery Service completely. 

2. To make sure the new user cannot access your old data, it is important that you erase the hard drive that you were using with a program that is called DBAn. DBAN has been programmed to remove all of the data on the computer within a period of several hours. With this type of process, you will have an opportunity to remove all of your files, while also re-installing a new copy of Windows (i.e Windows 7 or later OS). 

3. The same or similar process in step #2 can also be used for Mac/Apple users who want to remove all of their data before selling their MAC.